About Phil

Phil Wolfe is a life-long resident of Greenwood and Leflore County. He is the son of the late Mae Belle Wolfe Daves and the late Norris Wolfe. He is a 1972 graduate of Pillow Academy. Thirty-five years ago, he married the former Deborah McLellan (also of Greenwood); they have a grown daughter, Kimberly Wolfe Martin, and four grandsons, Justin, Phillip, Christian and Hunter. Phil and Deborah are both members of North Greenwood Baptist Church.

Phil and Deborah own Mississippi Alarm Company which he started over 30 years ago as a part time venture to supplement his salary as a police officer for the city of Greenwood. Their daughter is the office manager. Mississippi Alarm Company has grown into a thriving business with customers all over the state of Mississippi. Phil recently received an award for his longevity in the alarm industry.

In his spare time, Phil enjoys hunting, flying, scuba diving, cooking, and spending time with his family and friends.

Phil has a long history of serving the people of Greenwood and Leflore County. He worked as a Greenwood police officer and later as a detective for over 17 years. He saw that crime was becoming more of a problem with the introduction of crack and gangs into our city. Phil and his fellow officers were ill-equipped to combat this new threat. The city administration had left them out-gunned and seemed unconcerned that gangs were worming their way into our town. Not only were the officers not being compensated for all of their time on the job, they didn’t even have bullet-proof vests or automatic weapons to protect themselves. The money that should have been used to better equip them to combat this influx of crime had been spent on beefing up litter patrol and opening unnecessary precincts. That is how Phil first discovered how frivolous spending by government officials can jeopardize the safety of its citizens, and how truly important it is to have a representative to speak up for you. At great personal sacrifice, he and other police officers formed the Greenwood Police Officers Association. He was elected president of that organization and, together, they took on city hall. He attended and spoke at city council meetings, spoke at many community organizations, wrote letters to the editor, and was featured in numerous news stories both in print and on local news channels. Eventually the officers were compensated for their time and given better equipment and training to more effectively protect the citizens of Greenwood.

Phil saw the need for better representation for the citizens of North Greenwood and Minter City. They were being taxed at an alarming rate and Minter City didn’t even have a clean water system for its citizens. He announced his bid for election to the seat of Leflore County Supervisor District 1. He pledged to stand up for the people of his district and be their voice in county government. He ran a platform that promised fiscal responsibility, honest government, economic development, and better roads and bridges. The people elected him in 1991, and he took office in 1992.

Along the way, he has been involved with many groups and organizations that have bettered the community. The one that is probably closest to his heart is Greenwood Taxpayers For Good Government. He has been a member of GTFGG since its inception in 1992. A non-profit organization committed to and focused on bringing accountability to all branches of local government. GTFGG launched The Taxpayers Channel after recognizing the need for the citizens of Greenwood and Leflore County to be able to see what their leaders were doing at meetings. Aside from broadcasting the Greenwood City Council and Leflore County Board of Supervisor meetings, TTC has also brought various club meetings, board meetings, school functions, parades and other community interest programs to its viewers. The motto of GTFGG “an informed citizen is a better citizen” is one that Phil agrees with wholeheartedly.

Phil has worked hard since he was elected in 1991, and even before, to make District 1 and Leflore County as a whole a better place to live. He knows that the bulk of the tax burden falls directly onto the backs of his constituents. He speaks out anytime he sees waste in government, and consistently votes against tax increases. He is always available to his constituents and does his best to let their voices be heard when decisions are made in county government. He has taken a strong stand against dishonest government and voter fraud because he knows that lawful and fair elections are the bedrock of democracy. He supports all economic development and job creation because he knows that a flourishing local economy is vital to a thriving community. He supports law enforcement because he knows the safety of all Leflore Countians is of utmost importance. As documented by annual state aid road inspections, The District 1 road crew is the most efficient and economical crew in the county. Phil worked with his road crew from morning until after dark during the ice storms of 1994 and 1998 until the streets, bridges and roadways of Minter City and North Greenwood were safe and passable and power had been restored.

Leflore County is Phil’s home and the home of his wife, daughter, and grandsons. He knows what wonderful potential lies here, and he wants to see Leflore County become a shining star in the Mississippi Delta. Much progress has been made in the 16 years Phil has been representing District 1… with much more yet to come!

Phil Wolfe has the experience, the dedication, and the tenacity to represent you and to make Leflore County an even better place to live, work, and raise our families.